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The CPA is a Family Fellowship

  • Uniting members in prayer, care, and the healing through the power of Jesus Christ

  • Proclaiming the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

  • Nurturing Police members to become Godly peace officers

  • Stamping out corruption, police brutality and injustice

  • Partnering in the revival process of criminal justice environment in Africa

Our Strategy


  • Motivating and encouraging Christian Police members to live and work according to Christian standards.

  • Nurturing through our National Network, to help members build up the individual members to spiritual maturity in his/her walk with God, family, and friends.

  • To be an instrument through which others in the SAPS can take part e.g.:” be a buddy” for members that are with you on duty or on the same vehicle/shift.

  • Forming fellowship groups (small groups) for outreach to police members and encouragement, prayer, and Bible discovery

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