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It brings me great joy when police officers are commended for exceptional service rendered. We see media and social media bombarded  by negative reports about bad policing, incompetence et cetera, leading to mistrust.

The only way to counter this and to earn the trust of the public again is to prove it wrong, it’s to serve beyond our call, it’s walking the extra mile, it’s carrying the load of those to weak to do it themselves., it’s blessings someone with a smile. It’s turning the other cheek.

All of the above is difficult, but so much more if you try doing it without Jesus. Let Jesus be our benchmark, let Him be the one we mirror us in.

Then we  will be respected  civil servants again.

Civil = polite, courteous, chivalrous, well bred

Servant = helper, supporter, defender, backer.

Jan Swanepoel


Greetings in Jesus name!The CPA Leadership converged for the first time after covid from the 25 to 27 November 2021 at Apostle Battery, Llandudno, Cape Town; the home of the CPA.We had an awesome time in His presence. New friendships were formed as we welcomed invited members who joined the family gathering for the first time.Hope arose from this gathering; the blessed assurance that God is still God. Through the pandemic He brought us together again. We were re-ignited and reassured of His blessed hope we cling to. Mandating us as CPA to move forward and spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now more than ever before. Precisely because of all the pain and havoc caused by the pandemic and violent crimes committed in our country.God expects us to be the bearers  of light to the lost and the brokenCPA family; I challenge you to take up the baton, to spread hope and the love of Christ amongst your colleagues and community in your daily walk.If we could take hands with the victims of crime we can lead them from victim to victor. Live the vision of hope and healing!Celebrate the reason for the season! May you all have a Blessed Christmas In Christ our Wonderful counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father. May He be your Prince of Peace. God bless and keep you.  Love you all withthe love of the Lord.

    Leonie Peters       President          CPA SA



December 2021

Before CPA conference, I was a son of God who was so busy with the things of the world, working during the day and after-hours to survive, that I did not have time in my schedule for God. I did not have friends. I did not have time to spend with my family. Always busy.

One of the questions I was frequently asking myself was *what is the purpose of my life*, what is the purpose of my business, what is the goal I am striving towards? 

I was just working to survive, no meaningful reason for living. Just working to survive and be there for my close family. 

The sad part is, God did His part, but I was drifting away from God. My cup was empty. 

From the first day of the conference, the CPA family of God was there. They welcomed me into their midst, loving, caring, serving as if I was always there. I felt belonging, not just colleagues/friends, but like closely knitted together family. From the beginning of conference, God was calling me back to him, like first love, calling me to His heart of worship. I could get lost in Gods love. I was amongst God’s people. 

God started to give me meaning again. With the meaning purpose. With the purpose hope. God filled my cup again. 

I believe our police members, who are working under pressure, extremely difficult circumstances, and are exposed everyday with negative impact/ situations, crime the dark side of life. Their cups are empty. It’s like there is no end to the evil and crime. And to top it up; no one who understands the life of a police officials. 

We are here to bring meaning and hope to all the police officials whose cups are empty, who do not have hope anymore. To be their family where they can feel safe, be loved, be cared for, a ear that can listen, a shoulder to cry on. A family where they can belong, be loved and to share that with other police officials. 





December 2021

It is an exciting, new season! 

Yes, it is the season where we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, and the impact that He made when he was incarnated into this world to change it forever. We are very excited about the new energy that it brings to our lives and to our world. In these trying times we are all in desperate need for hope, for a better dispensation, and for peace on earth. The fact that Jesus Christ came into our world, and into our lives, makes this a reality. We are the beneficiaries of His grace and his love that he brought into this world. It is a very trying time for members of the Police Service and the law enforcing agencies. We have been challenged like never before in different situations like the covid-pandemic, the dramatic escalation of crime and a lack of peace in this world. 

It was like that, and it is still like that, and it will be like that in the future. We believe that it is only by our faith and the hope that we have in Christ, that police members can also enjoy life to the fullest. We are all in agreement that Jesus came, as John 10:10 confirms, to give us life and life in abundance. The difficult season can change into an exciting journey for us who believe that he holds the whole world (and police!) in His hands. It is an especially exciting new season for the Christian Police Association! 

We enjoyed a very special and significant CPA leadership meeting during November 2021 at our beloved Apostle Battery! There was new energy, new Joshua's, new inspiration and commitment to revive this precious family. There is an enormous need for the existence of the Christian police family who can support each other and stay with each other in difficult times. Keep watching this space! Greater things are yet to come! Our CPA (SA) Facebook group is exploding! If you are not a member yet, please join today!

 It is with this in mind that I wish you all a merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

Build  the CPA) movement! Join the family, the CPA family. Much love  

 Why Duvenhage

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25-27 NOVEMBER, 2021

We are coming out of this wilderness season and with it brings a new vision for each one of us. In a “wilderness experience,” a believer may struggle simply to survive from day to day. Financial, material, physical, or emotional burdens may press on him. The flesh cries out for relief. The believer is forced to wait on the Lord, find God’s peace and joy in the midst of trouble, and through it all mature in his/her walk with Christ. Surviving can be draining.

Just surviving the day is, at times exhausting. Every survivor knows that surviving leaves little time for joy. The question most people have when they’re led into a desert experience is why. But take heart; God will use our experiences here to cause this desert season to blossom like a rose. For in the desert the Father speaks and awakens our hearts to hear. In fact, the word for “desert” in Hebrew means “the place of speaking.” GO, you have to go beyond what you have already seen and experienced. You have been emptied, so that God may fill each one. To fill your hands, and fill your storehouse and provision and in this new season give you a resurrection harvest. You cannot drink out of an empty cup. You will be like a clanging symbol, meaning nothing to nobody. Our ‘Hope’ is in the Lord, and when we embrace hope, it influences our thoughts and attitude, and outlook, the way we speak. Even in the worst places you can be an oasis of refreshing.

It is only through our brokenness that our light can shine as we carry His c compassionate presence in this broken and dark world! The scars of life, you don’t have to be ashamed of them, be proud. The healed wounds, the deep lines, they all have stories to tell. Wont you allow the Lord to bring to life what was broken, as He makes all things new. So, keep hope alive, no matter how dark it looks. With a brave heart amidst the uncertainties of the future, let us hold on to each other.

The CPA, the Christian Police Family of God. Won’t you let Hope Arise.

 Charisse Le Roux

Ds Quintin.png



December 2021

A gigantic tree has fallen and died

But the love he has spread is busy to ignite

Multitudes of people all over the world

Will always remember  a saint so bold

He was just borrowed to us for a while

But all of us remember something of his style

His opening icebreakers was always a treat

Sawbona Sawbona ooh! was his favorite greet

He made us scurry like bare feet mice

Bring white smiles to every face

And as judge at the gospel idols

His comment was hilarious and always to die for

He was always so charming with a great sense of humour

When delivering a sermon all eyes were on him

A beautiful legacy he left behind

Because he truly was one of a kind

His work on earth was surely done

He has passed on the baton for us to run

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